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November 14, 2015 - Issue 34

The Rebirth of Justin Bieber - Prodigy at 12, superstar at 15, punchline at 20. Now, after and 'empty' two-year tabloid spiral, he's on his way to reinventing himself emotionally, spritually and musically. 'I was close to letting fame destroy me'

Adele's Smash: The Stats

'I Was Never Interested in Kissing Ass' - John Mellencamp on painting and...punching a label prez?

Return of The Hitman - Why Jeff Lynne—leader of Electric Light Orchestra and linchpin of The Traveling Wilburys—is leaving his comfy Beverly Hills estate at 67 to revive ELO.

"I got kicked out of school in eighth grade. It was a horrible place; just rich kids being bad." - Elle King

On the Cover: Justin Bieber

Item: BLI-11/14/2015  Issue Date: 11/14/2015