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April 12, 2008 - Issue 15

The Latin Special

Enrique Iglesias 

Enrique Iglesias is releasing his first all-Spanish hits album for a dramatically altered marketplace, and his label is facing the challenge by approaching that Latin market in a different way. When the first single of Iglesias' new album 95/08 was ready to be sent to radio, Iglesias had one request: The track, “Dónde Están Corazón”, could not be made available for digital download prior to the album's March 25th release.

Order this copy of Billboard and see how Latin labels have been seeking out different business strategies, with Latin artists like Iglesias exemplifying how they can be best put to use.

On the Cover: Enrique Iglesias

Item: BLI-04/12/2008 Issue Date: 04/12/2008